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Camps are such  a power agent of change. Just like an outreach, one camp can have the impact of a thousand sermons. In March 2022, the Disciples Of God youth discipleship program held a leadership youth camp at Bergriever. Our leadership camp are often done in experiential learning format. 

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The Essence of the Camp

The camp was focused on leadership development. At LXP, we believe that leadership is a group activity. As such the campers were divided into groups. We also believe that leadership skills are best learned experientially. As such the camp lessons were based on group activities that were facilitated through individual and group reflections and debriefs. Our theme was “Your Personal Story, the Secret to your leadership development.” For this theme the camp focused on developing the values of Trust and Courage as ingredients to personal story telling. Most of our group activities were designed to be reveal the campers position regarding these values and what help them to grow their desire and skills 

Campers take aways

The general experience of the campers was very positive. 78 per cent of the campers felt that the camp was very impactful. 

June 2024


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