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LXP Lesotho

Community Transformation through Servanthood

Welcome! We at the Lesotho base of LXP are so excited to be part of God’s vision to disciple and serve. Thank you for your interest and support of what God is doing through our ministry.


When Godfrey Mosobase, a student of the 2007 Leadership Experience (LXP) program, visited his home in Lesotho during a two-week break, he experienced the Lord clearly speaking to him about reaching out to his home community. God revealed to him the deep need of children growing up without clear direction for their lives, without values to make the right choices, and without parents to love them. 

Godfrey realized that this is what results in youth with impure lifestyles who die at young ages because of HIV/AIDS, who have no goals or guiding principles, who suffer under poverty of mind, who have no exposure to godly leadership and who are therefore living seemingly meaningless lives. Above all, Godfrey saw the brokenness and hunger for Jesus in the village—where many people are living with little hope and much affliction.


Subsequently, Godfrey found peace in his heart to move back to his community early in January 2009 to launch a daughter branch of LXP’s ministry. Another full-time staff member, Elizabeth Jones, joined him at the end of 2009. Since the end of 2009 Godfrey and Elizabeth have continued to expand and deepen the ministry, which is based in their village of Nkoeng, just outside Butha-Buthe, Lesotho. The two were married in May 2011 and plan to continue serving their community as LXP Lesotho long-term.

Our Vision

In response to the deep needs of the people living in Nkoeng, LXP Lesotho is committed to the vision of realizing holistic community transformation through servanthood. Our focus is building discipling relationships with adults and young people, through which we challenge them to live pure lifestyles, to change to positive behaviors, to follow Jesus and to raise the standard of leadership and Christianity in Africa. We desire to see a transformative movement of the Gospel where adults and young people become a source of change among their friends, families and communities. We also seek to serve and love the many orphaned and vulnerable children living in our community

Ministry activities 

Discipleship: We seek opportunities to meet and build discipling relationships with families and individuals, especially orphans, widows, the very poor, and those living with HIV/AIDS. We visit them regularly to encourage them, study the Bible together, to prayerfully help in practical ways and to serve their physical needs.


Saturday Program: Every Saturday afternoon we meet with a group of kids and youth from the community to play games and facilitate activities that challenge their character and help them make the right choices. We also facilitate Bible lessons that impart biblical values and truths to enhance their spiritual growth.


Door-to-door ministry: We make house visits to introduce Jesus to the villagers for community transformation. We spend time studying the Bible with them and discovering the truths of God—helping them to follow Jesus and also to share their faith with others.


Identify potential leaders: We recruit youth and young adults for the LXP program in South Africa. We raise up local volunteers as they serve with us in ministry to equip them for the plans God has for them.


Skills development: We encourage sports, music, drama, dance and arts in order to help youth realize their God-given potential and use it for His glory. Most young people are talented and we want to help them to discover their God-given talents for the glory of God.


House construction and renovation: We seek to meet home repair needs of the under-privileged, orphaned children, and people living with HIV/AIDS.

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