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The Leadership Experience

Servant Leadership Training

Thank you for your interest in The Leadership Experience! In this document you will find information regarding the Servant Leadership Training (SLT) program and what is involved for those who participate.

LXP’s Servant Leadership Training (SLT) is a deep, relational and reflective 9-month training for young adults. The heart of the program is experiential learning and holistic discipleship. Our Servant Leadership Training (SLT) emphasizes character formation and servanthood. We are committed to raising a generation of genuine servant leaders who can dream, initiate, and participate in a fresh wave of community transformation with a genuine heart of compassion for people and with a motivation greater than the acquisition of profit, fame, position, or power.


What to Expect

Passionate spirituality
Leading through servanthood
Teamwork and Community Living
Experiential learning beyond the classroom

What we Promise

Spiritual growth
Opportunity to dream
Challenges and fun



The Leadership Experience (LXP)’s SLT is a cross-cultural servant leadership development program designed for young adults who come primarily from Southern Africa and beyond and/or have a passion for long-term impact on the African continent. With an emphasis on experiential learning, students in the program are challenged to think critically and to grow in their understanding of leadership as revealed in the Scriptures. SLT is designed to impact and reshape some of the current leadership trends in Africa. As such, our students become student volunteers—learning as well as serving during their time at LXP.


Objectives of the Leadership Experience

The general purpose of SLT is to:


Disciple a new generation of young servant leaders…

who are able to facilitate a fresh wave of community transformation… with a genuine heart for Africa and her people…

and with a motivation greater than the acquisition of profit, fame, position or power.


The Threefold Focus of the Servant Leadership Training

SLT is about:

  1. Shaping servant leaders.
  2. Equipping servant leaders to dream and innovate.
  3. Providing opportunities to experience servant leadership through practical, hands-on ministry.

The Leadership Experience is led by a small team of international staff members who help facilitate the training at various levels. Additional teachers in a variety of leadership roles from other ministries and workplaces visit the program and offer their expertise in classroom lessons.

SLT is conducted in the beautiful coastal town of Jeffrey’s Bay, in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province. J-Bay has an international flavor and is known as one of the surfing hotspots of the world. A particularly unique aspect of this little town is the variety of other student ministries which are hosted here. J-Bay is truly a place to meet and grow with other young adults from around the world who are seeking to serve God and people in a meaningful way.


Jeffrey’s Bay is a town of great contrast economically, with the very wealthy and the very poor living in close proximity to one another. Our community service projects (CSPs) will take place primarily in the underprivileged communities situated close to the LXP base. Most academic lessons will take place at the LXP base.

The founding principle of the Leadership Experience is discipleship and character formation. While there is a distinct academic component to the program, SLT is largely based on practical and experiential learning. The training is built around service projects that are facilitated by the LXP staff. It is important to understand that this program specifically focuses on training servant leaders. In this program, students must have an extremely high commitment level to leading others by serving others. LXP aims to shape leaders who will look beyond the status quo and basic expectations of those around them. If you choose to take part in the program, you will be stretched…you will be challenged…you will be changed.


Another vital part of the training is meeting other leaders your age from different cultural backgrounds. You will have the opportunity to learn from one another, as much as you will learn from the leaders that facilitate the program.


A typical day at SLT will consist of the following:

  • Morning lectures and group discussions.
  • Afternoon projects which will be practical and community-based.
  • Group debriefings to reflect on experiences of the day.


Phase 1:   Orientation and foundation building Phase 2:   Ministry exposure and focus

Phase 3: Ministry journal and internships

Phase 4: Ministry debrief and closure facilitation

During the morning lectures and group discussions, topics of study for character formation will include, among other special subjects:

  • Success, Significance and Servanthood;
  • Personal Sexuality;
  • Stewardship;
  • Managing Yourself;
  • Project Management;
  • Work Ethics;
  • Integrity and Transparency;
  • Community Transformation;
  • Kingdom Lifestyle;
  • Personality Styles and People Skills; and
  • Leadership Principles from the Scriptures.


There will also be character studies from the Scriptures and group discussions on key books to be read within the program.

classroom lessons.

Training will begin 1st   April, 2022 in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa.  The program is scheduled to end on 6th December, 2022.

All applications for 2022 must be submitted by 30th January, 2022.  Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case consideration.    The earlier you apply, the greater the opportunity for you to raise the funds necessary for participation—and to have a good time to secure a visa to South Africa if you are coming from outside of the country.

classroom lessons.

The fees for each student are dependent upon the nation from which you come. The program fees do not include transportation costs to and from your country of origin; you are responsible for arranging and covering these costs on your own.


We have sought to respond to the economic differences of our potential students through a sliding scale depending on average income levels of the nation our students come from. We have found this to be the fairest way to address economic differences of our students, giving equal opportunity to everyone who would like to take part in LXP.


We base our charges for SLT on our budgeted expenses and by taking into consideration the national average Per Capita Income (PCI) of more than 200 countries.


These countries are assigned to one of three categories based on the PCI. They are:

Category A – Africa and lower income areas of Asia

Category B – Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, South Africa, etc. Category C – U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Western Europe, Australia, etc.

The sliding cost scale for LXP is as follows:

Category A    country of origin – R4,000 per month Category B     country of origin – R5,000 per month Category C     country of origin – US $650 per month

The program’s monthly fees will cover your basic living expenses including daily meals, accommodation, and transport within South Africa for program purposes. You will be responsible for your personal toiletries, laundry costs (soap and/or laundry services) and pocket money. Also note that health insurance is not covered;

classroom lessons.

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