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“We exist to raise servant-leaders and uplift communities...”

Overview of LXP Ministry

The Leadership Experience (LXP) exists to simultaneously disciple servant leaders and uplift communities. With these two distinct emphases of leadership training and community transformation, our strategy can be described as “hitting two birds with one stone.” One of the great tragedies in many African communities is fatherless homes, increasing the statistics of orphaned children and systemic poverty. When young men and women rise with integrity in not just public but in private leadership, they bring positive change to their communities while building their own strong families to prayerfully result in more future great leaders. While at LXP, our student volunteers engage in community initiatives which not only serve as practical learning tools in their training, but which give them the opportunity to discover how they can personally meet real needs and uplift people in the community around them. Our prayer is that when they leave LXP, they will leave as servant leaders who have come to genuinely follow Jesus with the vision and confidence to practically bring His hope within their families and to the world around them.

LXP Overall Goals

In both our leadership development training and our community upliftment initiatives, our overall goal is to generate environments where positive transformation can take place. We aim in every area for godly character to be formed, practical and life skills to be developed, servanthood to become a lifestyle and communities to be uplifted. We recognize that we ourselves cannot ensure lasting life-change in any one person we teach and serve, but we continually aim at creating situations and opportunities where those who truly hunger for life-transformation can embrace it. We believe there is a powerful partnership in the right environment and a person’s receptivity and desire.

LXP Projects

The Leadership Experience currently has six different projects/ministries grouped into two categories. Our leadership training arm consists of Servant Leadership Training (SLT), Executive Leadership Training (ELT) and Junior Leaders (JrL). Our community service arm consists of our Kids Care Point (KCP), our Family Support (FS) programs and our local Youth Discipleship (YD) program called Disciples of God (DoGs).

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